About Audra

When I was a child, I received my first camera (a Polaroid© instamatic) and immediately set off to photograph the family pets.  From that moment on, I was hooked and knew one day I wanted to be a photographer.  I especially enjoyed photographing animals.  It was 25 years later that I began to follow my passion for photography on a serious level.

I began shooting landscapes of my travels across the world and received accolades from fellow travelers and photography enthusiasts.  After some encouragement, I acquired professional equipment and began photographing my Ragdoll cats for my own pleasure.  I was able to capture some stunning cat photography, which I later sold on calendars and other photo gifts via my webstore: www.cafepress.com/newhorizondes.

My passion since my youth, and my favorite subject to photograph, is pets, especially cats.  I am an avid cat lover and can quickly build a rapport with most cats, based on mutual trust and affection.  I chose to specialize in cat photography and seek to become one of the nation's top cat photographers.  I have photographed thousands of pedigreed show cats throughout the United States, and internationally.  My show cat images are frequently published in Cat Fancy Magazine.  I can’t think of a better job in the world – to play with cats and actually get paid for doing it!

I also specialize in tasteful and elegant glamour and boudoir photography for women.  As a former ballet dancer and professional model, I bring my unique understanding of creating beautiful poses and body lines to my photography.  Having been on the other end of the camera lens as a professional fashion model, I understand what it takes to achieve beautiful and flattering photography for any woman.  

Another skill I bring to my photography is in the post processing that creates memorable and unique portraits.  I am an expert at Photoshop and can provide stunning, post photographic effects to my work, bringing out the best characteristics of my subjects, fixing tiny flaws, and providing unique artistic effects.