What is Glamour / Boudoir?

What is Glamour / Boudoir Photography?

Let me start by telling you what glamour / boudoir photography is NOT at Audra Mitchell Photography.  It is not pornography.  I do not do nudes or erotic photography.  What I do is create sensuous and glamorous images of you, similar to what you would find in a glamour magazine or lingerie catalog. 


As a former professional model, I know how to create beautiful, alluring and romantic images of women.  Glamour and boudoir is you at your most sensual self.  Prior to beginning your glamour shot, we will discuss in detail what you are trying to achieve, and I will provide you with suggestions and ideas.  I will work with you, within your comfort zone.  My photography is designed to bring out your beauty and sensuality, and you will never feel more glamorous and sexy. 


What you will walk away with is the exhilarating experience of being a supermodel for a day.  At your request, I will prepare a custom photo book album for you to share with your husband, fiancé or just for yourself!  A custom photo book is a romantic and intimate expression of your womanhood and beauty to give as the perfect wedding gift, anniversary gift (paper is a traditional 1st anniversary gift), Valentine’s Day, or other special occasions.  I also can put together a personal calendar so you can be a “pin up girl” for the year.


Who is Glamour Photography For?

Glamour / Boudoir photography is not about displaying yourself as a 20 year old lingerie model with perfect body and skin.  Boudoir is for every woman who desires a memento of her youth, a statement of her sensuality, or just a private confidence booster.  My job is to bring out your beauty and sensuality by highlighting your best features and attributes, while minimizing any flaws, to produce stunning and alluring images of you.  I am expert at image retouching, and with your approval, I can help you achieve your desired effects by slimming a waist, trimming down a problem area, minimizing fine lines or wrinkles, or anything else that makes your images stunning while still being “you.”


What to Wear

In a typical hour, we can usually get through 2-3 outfits, depending on how many takes we need to get successful results and the number of set changes.  I recommend a minimum of 2 hours for a session since it will likely take you a while to settle in and relax.  Typical glamour / boudoir sessions tend to run about 3-4 hours.  Bring an assortment of lingerie in various styles, maybe a swimsuit, as well as some elegant attire such as a cocktail dress or party dress.  Also consider bringing a collared button down shirt that belongs to your fiancé/husband/boyfriend or consider something else like a jersey from his favorite team that will make that photo personal and special for him.  Also, ultra girly frilly things, furs, high heals and lots of jewelry always look great!


See my Tips page for additional information on wardrobe, hair and make-up.